Grafische Cel
    Book design
    17 x 23 cm

This book explores various forms of painting in which the act of painting itself is foregrounded. It offers a range of perspectives on how and why such paintings consciously show, reflect upon and sometimes even stage their own making. Every painting is of course the result of a process, but the paintings and texts on painting discussed here make the artistic process itself the centre of attention. Or, at least, they make it tangible.

Contributions by
Melissa Gordon
Matthieu Ronsse
Melanie Deboutte
Isolde Vanhee
Jenny Brosinski
Rachel Esner
Kees Goudzwaard
Moritz Neuhoff
Franziska Reinbothe
Daniel Jensen
Benedikt Leonhardt
Matthias Weischer
Manor Grunewald
Max Frintrop
Tom Van Imschoot
Ritsart Gobyn

Published by
Grafische Cel